Iowa 1:1 Institute has ended
The Iowa 1:1 Institute exists to:
  • Help the Midwest’s 1:1 districts learn from each other about innovative teaching, learning, and administrative practices that are occurring in their districts;
  • Build excitement and ‘buzz’ around 1:1 laptop computing initiatives in the Midwest; and
  • Help others who are interested in 1:1 computing learn more about how to get started and be successful.
The institute is open to anyone interested in 1:1 laptop computing initiatives in P-12 schools, whether they currently are working in such a program or just want to learn more.  
Session Resources 

Sara Friedrichsen (and students Logan Brunsting and Isaac Hoftyzer)

Boyden-Hull CSD
Secondary Math Instructor & Technology Integrationist
This is my 16th year as a math instructor. Throughout my teaching experience, I have taught 8th grade math as well as high school Geometry and Algebra 2. Over the last two years my role changed from a full-time teacher to half-time instructor and half-time technology integrationist for my district.